Save the Date: SOS Art 2017 : June 2 – 11

See our Call to Artists category and Call to Poets category for information for artists and poets.

SOS ART’s specific activities are: 

  1. The yearly SOS ART Show and Event of creative expressions for peace and justice. It comprises:
    • a visual art component that consists of a 2 and 3 dimensional group art show, where the voice of every local artist on peace and justice, through the artwork submitted, is included.
    • an art event, concomitant to the art show, with activities and performances, all relating to peace and justice.
    • The yearly publication of an SOS Art documenting book following the art show and event.
  2. The yearly publication of “For a Better World: a Book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists.”
  3. “Children Engaging Compassion” workshops, which have for purpose to develop values of compassion and love in children through the use of art activities and expressions.
  4. Publications featuring local artists who use their art as a vehicle for change and for a better world.
  5. Art Workshops, exhibits, performances… throughout the year geared towards peace and justice.