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Arts Vehicles for Peace and Justice and for a Change

SOS ART 2018, June 1-10 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati – PROGRAM of EVENTS

SOS ART 2018, the annual collective art show and event for Peace and Justice will take place at the Art Academy of Cincinnati from June 1 to 10. All events are free and open to the public. The collective art show... Continue Reading →

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Call to Greater Cincinnati Artists for SOS ART 2018 (Deadline: May 13, 2018)

Below is a "Call to Greater Cincinnati Artists for SOS ART 2018", the art show and event of creative expressions for Peace and Justice. Pls note the application deadline of May 13, 2018. A link is also available to a... Continue Reading →

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Inclusion, Contemplation and Action Are the Tenets of Reverend Troy Bronsink’s Faith; They Help Him Manifest and Make Tangible the Presence of God

"I grew up inside a Christian bubble," says Reverend Troy Bronsink. "My parents, Evangelical Christians, raised me in that tradition, and all I knew growing up were the youth groups of the typical Bible belt megachurch I attended in Charlotte,... Continue Reading →

Connecting with the Spiritual, Deb Simons-Reeves, a Christian Scientist & Practitioner, Extends her Help and Prayers to Others to Manifest the Presence of God

"I was born an activist with a natural inclination at helping people," says Deb Simons-Reeves. "Already as a child I wanted badly to help my father who was an alcoholic." Simons-Reeves grew up in Saugatuck, a small resort town on... Continue Reading →

Rejecting Hierarchical Divisions, Paul Breidenbach, an Atheist, Uses His Knowledge of Spanish to Help Immigrants Regain Their Equal Rights

Paul Breidenbach grew up in a Catholic family, one which had to relocate frequently, mostly in South America, due to his father's employment at the State Department. As a child, he went to church every week and participated in various... Continue Reading →

For Adam Clark, Professor of Theology, Doing God’s Work Is Righting Relationships, Healing Brokenness, and Showing Solidarity with the Poor & Oppressed

"One candle can light thousands of matches," says Adam Clark, "and we have to let the light grow." Clark, a doctor in divinity and an associate Professor in the Theology Department at Xavier University, uses his Christian faith, along with... Continue Reading →

A Natural Path for Peace & Justice: Sister Alice Gerdeman’s Faith Shows Her the Way

“Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel…” wrote the Bishops, in 1971, in their synodal document “Justice in the World”.... Continue Reading →

Reverend Damon Lynch III’s Ministry Started Thirty Five Years Ago in the Streets of the City; It Continues Today, for Everyone, at the Well of the Village

As a child, Reverend Damon Lynch III, current pastor of New Prospect Baptist Church in Roselawn, would watch Evangelical evangelist Billy Graham's Crusades on Television and be impressed by the huge number of people coming forward, responding to his appeal.... Continue Reading →

Retired Lutheran Minister Dorsey Stebbins’ Voice for Peace and Justice Are His Patient and Persistent Protest Signs One at a Time

When Dorsey Stebbins, 12 years old, was not able to successfully help his father in his business as this latter expected, his father, fearing for him, bluntly told him that he "would not make it" in his life. This affected... Continue Reading →

Called by his Christian Evangelical Faith, Reverend Troy Jackson Lives with Mercy & Compassion, and Fights Systemic Injustice

"How can one read the 66 books of the Christian Bible and not have a sense of the Christian mission in the world, which is not only what happens to someone after death, but also on this earth," says Reverend... Continue Reading →

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