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Arts Vehicles for Peace and Justice and for a Change

Call to Greater Cincinnati Artists for SOS ART 2018 (Deadline: May 13, 2018)

Below is a "Call to Greater Cincinnati Artists for SOS ART 2018", the art show and event of creative expressions for Peace and Justice. Pls note the application deadline of May 13, 2018. A link is also available to a... Continue Reading →

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Call to Greater Cincinnati Poets for “For A Better World 2018” (Deadline: February 12, 2018)

The annual Book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice

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VOICES FROM DEATH ROW: poems and drawings on peace and justice by death row inmates (Deadline: December 1, 2017)


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A Passionate Advocate of Women & Children’s Rights, Jennifer Morris’ Episcopalian Faith Informs her Life & her Actions

Jennifer Morris' father always told her: "Don't let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do something because you're a girl." She grew up in a gender-neutral family where both parents were equal and interchangeably tackled the needed domestic chores;... Continue Reading →

Living Her Baha’i Faith, Deborah Vance Wants to Contribute to Unity and to a Strong Community

Deborah Vance, a Baha'i, grew up in a secular, not overtly religious, but spiritual family. She was raised with high moral and ethical values by very scrupulous, sincere and trusting parents. As a child in the 60's she attended Sunday... Continue Reading →

Co-Creator to Better this World: Father Benjamin Urmston’s Faith Is Inseparable from Justice

“What I am is God's gift to me. What I become is my gift to God,” says Father Benjamin Urmston, S.J., adding: “This implies that I also participate in creation as a ‘co-creator’, helping this world become a better one... Continue Reading →

Jaipal Singh Lives to Serve the Guru and to Spread Sikhism’s Peace & Spirituality

While a freshman at the University of Washington School of Architecture, in Saint Louis, MO, Jaipal Singh asked one of his favorite teachers what it took to be a good architect. His teacher responsed that the world was in need... Continue Reading →

From US vs THEM to Only US TOGETHER: Lieutenant Joe Richardson Gets Rid of Labels and Lives with Mindfulness & Compassion

On the attendance board at the police station to which is assigned Lieutenant Joe Richardson, his colleagues often write next to his name and instead of "In" or "Out", "At Temple", and this even when he is on duty. In... Continue Reading →

Listening to the Spirit, Deborah Jordan & Bill Cahalan Work toward a Sustainable Peaceful Earth & Holistic Mental Health

Deborah Jordan and Bill Cahalan are partners in life and in faith; they complement each other and their actions for a peaceful, natural and just world. Raised Christians, Jordan with no particular denomination, Cahalan in rigid Catholicism, both, as adults,... Continue Reading →

Worshiper & Servant of God: Imam Ismaeel Chartier Is also Servant & Liberator of God’s Creations

"To serve God properly we need to serve His creations and make sure they have freedom and a life worth living; otherwise we're not doing our work as religious individuals," says Imam Ismaeel Chartier, adding: "In Islam, God commands us... Continue Reading →

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